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Enjoy the entire collection of Squarespace plugins for just $8 per month.

Squarepaste Cloud Benefits

Access Granted

Get access to our Squarespace membership site and install any or all the plugins you desire.

No Conditions

You’re free to cancel your subscription at any time and remove all plugins from your website.

Unlimited Updates

As we continue to create, you get access to new plugins & updates to current ones.

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How long are your subscriptions?

Squarepaste plans are paid monthly or yearly. You are free to start and cancel your service at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Visit our Support page to cancel your subscription. After cancellation, your domain will be disabled and any installed Squarepaste plugins will no longer work.

Can I use all plugins on my website?

You can. If using multiple plugins, we recommend installing each desired plugin on one page, rather than site-wide.

Can I switch domains?

Yes, visit our Support page to change a domain with your subscription.

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